In response to a recent statement by Trump campaign spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, and the article which appeared in the Washington Post, the Board of Directors of the National Aphasia Association, the organization representing individuals with aphasia, would like to set the record straight.   Aphasia  (or dysphasia) is a condition affecting manipulation of language, including comprehension, reading, writing and speaking.  Aphasia does not affect intelligence.  Aphasia is a clinical diagnosis made by a neurologist or a speech-language pathologist.  Aphasia is not a term applied to an individual who is selectively pacing her speech in order to deliver an appropriate and thoughtful message, or a person in her 60’s who might occasionally pause on a word.  A diagnosis of aphasia by a campaign spokesperson in a political campaign is inappropriate and offensive to the approximately 2 million Americans and their families who struggle with communication following a stroke or other brain trauma.


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