This is another entry in our affiliate highlight series. We’re currently looking at Neuro-Acupuncture in Chicago, Illinois.

What Makes Neuro-Acupuncture Unique?

My practice is Neuro-Acupuncture (NAC). It is a modern modality using traditional Chinese acupuncture techniques yet also based on knowledge of neuroscience. It works by stimulating neurons governing speech functions in a non-invasive way, and it’s used in conjunction with speech therapy.

Great Success Stories

We had an adult patient who lost speech as a result of brain surgery to remove a tumor. He could not utter a single word at his first treatment. He had steady improvement over the course of four months at the end of which he could converse in short sentences. He could get around in his work situation. He expressed his wish to terminate treatment and said it was “mission accomplished.”

They Love What They Do

We love helping people function and transform their lives. Neuro-acupuncture is a safe and effective intervention.

Services and Support Groups

We offer neuro-acupuncture services. The Neuro-Acupuncture Institute offers additional support. The therapy involves acupuncture on the scalp to stimulate and regulate underlying neurons associated with various motor and sensory functions.

It is based on neuroscience and exploits neuroplasticity as well as the recent findings of a brain lymphatic system embedded in the dura mata.

Special Services for Caregivers

We always encourage communication and coordination with caregivers.

More Information

Do you live in the Chicago, Illinois area? Contact the Neuro-Acupuncture for acupuncture services that can be used in combination with speech therapy.

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Image: Johnson Wang via Unsplash