Even though the leaves will be falling off the trees soon, fall is naturally a time for new beginnings. When we’re little, it’s all about school starting up again, but even adults continue to look at the fall as a fresh start. Depending on your job, people with aphasia may find the workplace difficult to navigate. This is why we’ve started a peer-led, informal discussion group for people who are either currently working (part-time or full-time) or aim to return to the workplace. People engaged in volunteer work are also welcome to join.

Talk About It

Other people with aphasia often have the best ideas for navigating the world with aphasia. This discussion group is a chance for people to come together online and share work stories and strategies. The topics will be chosen by the group based on what people would like to discuss at the moment.


In one meeting, a person may ask for tips for going on job interviews while they have aphasia, and during the next meeting, the topic may be difficult co-workers. In other words, the topics will be chosen based on the needs of the participants: bring your ideas, questions, and concerns. It’s a conversational check-in with peers to share similar professional experiences.


Members will be able to give support, share stories, explore strategies shared by others, teach their own tips and tricks, and ask questions.

Online Meetings

The meetings are currently set on a bi-weekly (every other week) schedule, but the frequency can change based on the needs of the group. We are asking that people sign up to receive the Zoom link, and you can find all of that information on the group’s landing page.