Hi I have published a book of short poems titled Two Fat Wives Please Knowing Aphasia and Dyspraxia. As the title suggests all the poems in this collection are dedicate to Aphasia and Stroke. If anyone is interested the link for the eBook is: http://www.amazon.com/Wives-Please-Knowing-Aphasia-Dyspraxia-ebook/dp/B00JSS0GLS/

The poem below is also dedicated to Stroke and Aphasia but is not in this collection and has been published elsewhere.

By George

By George

When Ana met A

Oh what a meeting

That lasted an eternity and a day

It was uninvited or

So Ana believed

George had done it again

Only this time unknown to himself

Issued an innocent invitation

So not known to Ana

And of course

A had come to stay

The unwitting introduction

Was done

By a Stroke

The Ischemic

To be precise

If it matters


Was there to stay

What was the meaning of this pray?

It was not even alone

How sneaky

It had a cluster of friends

That kept popping up and continued to stay

No friends

You are only friends

If you promise to leave

I shall report

You to authorities

And then what will you do

Go away or George will

Work so hard

And Ana seek those

Trained in therapy

To chase you away

By George

And to this day

Ana looks for therapies

Hopefully governments

And people in them

Shall listen to these stories

Of these silent friendships

That had

By George come to Stay


It is all about spreading the word about wordlessness to those who do not know that Aphasia exists! Archana