We’re continuing with our affiliate highlight series, this time turning our eye to Speech Works RI in Providence, Rhode Island.

What Makes Speech Works RI Unique?

I have over 20 years of experience providing individualized services to adults with aphasia. My focus is helping people achieve their best communication and remain engaged in their communities.

Great Success Stories

A young man developed severe receptive aphasia as a result of a brain injury when he was assaulted. He was highly motivated and worked very hard, eventually returning to work full-time as a healthcare professional!

They Love What They Do

I love having the flexibility to respond creatively to the needs of each person I treat.

Speech Works RI

Services and Support Groups

I offer individual speech-language therapy in my office, and I facilitate a free monthly aphasia conversation group. My treatment is informed by the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia. I have expertise in augmentative communication systems as well.

Special Services for Caregivers

It’s essential to include caregivers in some treatment sessions to provide training in supported conversation techniques. I also assist caregivers in implementing home practice programs.

Speech Works RI

More Information

We have plenty of off-street parking and we’re wheelchair accessible.

Do you live in the Providence, Rhode Island area? Contact the Speech Works RI for speech services and support groups.

We’re spending 2018 highlighting our affiliates in order to make it easier for caregivers to find services for their loved ones.