Jackie is a person in our stroke support group who is steadily recovering but not yet able to use a computer.

She was a young professional in the human resources field. She was home alone when she suffered a stroke and was unable to contact anyone for four days. When her mother had not heard from her and tried calling on her phone, Jackie could not answer but only mumble a short plea for water. Her mother sent for an ambulance; the doctors gave little hope for recovery.

After three weeks in the hospital, where she worked with speech, occupational and physical therapists, and four months recuperating at her mother’s home, she insisted on returning to her own home She was barely able to talk but communicated by pointing to restaurant menus, bus and movie schedules, and items in the grocery store. She could not walk normally but forced herself to get around and ignore people who criticized.

She then attended a local adult school where the rehabilitation center was able to help her read and write. She also enrolled in a local community college where she took several remedial classes.

By her continuous personal efforts, assisted by health professionals,she is able to communicate effectively, travel throughout the area by walking, taking buses, trains and shuttles, and lives a completely independent life.