The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia (TTA) in the UK has created a searchable aphasia software finder. Even though Tavistock is based outside the United States, there is a lot of overlap when it comes to software. Apps available in the UK are also available on our Android or Apple stores, and many options on the site are from American software creators.


The Tavistock website’s description states the database is to help people “find appropriate aphasia therapy software apps and programs in the English language. The website also includes links to other useful apps, software, and websites that can help with daily life and with computers.”

How to Use the Site

The Aphasia Software Finder is a separate site from the main Tavistock page.


You can use the search function to find software that will help you practice a certain aspect of communication, such as reading or speaking. You can also use the database to find more information on various apps if you already know the name of a commonly-used piece of software.


The site even has a comparison table so you can see the benefits and drawbacks of various apps. For instance, you can see which apps will allow you to record your speaking attempts as well as do a cost analysis for the software. The price categories are in British pounds (£), but you can use this converter to see the amounts in American dollars.


We hope you find this resource helpful, and we’re grateful to Tavistock for creating and maintaining a thorough software database.