This series highlights apps, software, and websites as well as creative ways to use non-aphasia-specific tools.


Aphasia Recovery Connection’s Talk Tools may be the best low-tech, non-app option out there for helping you communicate when you are out and about.

How It Works

Print out the sheet that matches your errand. Options include the bank, DMV, or hairstylist. There are currently 15 sheets in the set.


Each sheet briefly explains aphasia and contains a place to add your name.


ARC's Talk Tool


You can use the sheets in numerous ways. Images connect with words to jog your memory. You can point at the option you need and show the sheet to a person working at the establishment. Using the sheet as a script, you can read the words off the page.


The sheets build confidence in knowing that you have a low-tech tool in your hand that can help you communicate during any day-to-day activity.


Try out one of Aphasia Recovery Connection’s Talk Tools and see if it helps you find more words.