This for those who had a stroke…

a tribute to those who surged through

to those who made it happen

to those who stood on side and cheered

and those who silently prayed

To know that what was lost

was not mobility

or just the ability to..

talk or to walk

to think and to say

to feel but not express

to cry but not to shed

those tears that

stayed in the eyes

the voice that visited the black corridors

to emotions that looked for expression

but most of all to that being

that constructed an identity from a labyrinth

of thoughts lost

Of who are you

I wish I could tell you who am I….Archana Sinh

I am a carer for someone very special recovering from the fall out of stroke. Aphasia in its many forms has adopted us as a uninvited friend. I wrote the poem posted above last year, trying to understand the impact of Stroke. This year I have published two more poems in a collection of other unrelated to Aphasia poems through Amazon.

The link to my other poems is attached below. This collection has only 2 poems on Aphasia. I am still writing more to understand better…. of what happened to him.

My link should anyone be interested, is: