First, I had a “Widow Maker” heart attack where the left anterior descending artery of my heart was completely blocked. Then eleven days later I had two major strokes at once. I woke up on my ex – girlfriend’s couch unable to speak or scream. I could barely move, and when I tried to get up I must have fallen immediately collapsed. I even broke my collarbone. I laid on the floor for four hours until the dogs made my ex – girlfriend come out of her bedroom. She found me and called 911. At the hospital they did MRI’s, and told everyone that I had two massive strokes. At first, my right side was completely paralyzed, but within 24 hours feeling returned to my right leg (mostly). I could walk the first week, but my right arm and cheek are still partially paralyzed. Cognitively I’m still messed up as well as having Aphasia and Apraxia. I’m 36 and would like to talk to other young people who share my conditions.