We would like to welcome our new affiliates who have joined the NAA recently and have created sites with their information within our website. They are now officially part of our searchable online database! Thank you for helping us improve this helpful resource for persons with Aphasia and their caregivers, who are looking for therapy and support near their homes.

Check out their sites!

Pace University Aphasia Communication Group (New York)
Tamara B. Cranfill, PhD (Kentucky)
ean University Individual Aphasia Therapy (New Jersey)
ean University Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program (New Jersey)
CU Speech-Language Clinic (North Carolina)
Aphasia Conversation Lab (Texas)
Bilingual Speech Therapy of Houston (Texas)
Chicago Aphasia Network (CAN) (Illinois)

For those of you who are not yet familiar with our new online database of affiliates, we are excited to share the news with you! Many persons with aphasia and their caregivers contact us looking for therapy centers, speech pathologists and support groups near their homes. To help people find these services, we have created a database where our affiliates can enter their address, contact information and the type of service they provide for the aphasia community. This database is easily searchable by entering your zip code or state.

If you are a speech pathologist, an aphasia therapy center, a support group or interested in starting a support group, and would like to become an affiliate with the National Aphasia Association, please visit our site and fill out an online form with your information and a short bio. For any questions, you can email us at naa@aphasia.org

Once again, welcome to our new Affiliates!