A few years ago the Aphasia Institute of Toronto created a video in which a reporter from the institute walked the streets of the city and asked people at random what they knew about Aphasia. Judging from the video – not much. The answers ranged from people guessing that it could be a skin condition to, maybe, a partial facial?


Have things changed over the past few years? We hope so. The National Aphasia Association has worked hard to raise awareness about the disorder and so have many of our partners. However, too many people still haven’t heard about aphasia, and those who have, often can’t recognize its symptoms when they are interacting with a person who has aphasia. This makes it hard for people who have acquired this deficit to perform even simple daily tasks like shopping for food, paying for gas or answering the phone.

Help us educate more people about Aphasia. Read about the various sub-types of the disorder and their associated symptoms. Take the Aphasia Quiz and share it with your friends.

This month is Aphasia Awareness Month. We encourage people to show their solidarity with persons who live with aphasia by taking the #AphasiaChallenge!