Recovering after a stroke is more a marathon than a sprint, and Hope After Stroke for Caregivers and Survivors helps you cultivate the mindset, motivation, and methods crucial for long-term recovery. The author of the book, speech-language pathologist Tsgoyna Tanzman, is giving away 50 digital copies to people with aphasia to celebrate her birthday this month.


From the author:

The book helps you easily understand medical terms so you can effectively speak with doctors, therapists and insurance companies to obtain the best services. You’ll learn what to expect during the three stages after a stroke: Hospital, Coming Home and After Therapy is “Over.”  You’ll discover self-help techniques for reducing or eliminating anxiety without medication, get candid answers about sex and obtain resources for sexual issues post stroke, utilize the principles of neuroplasticity for rewiring your brain and improving memory, apply the strategies successful “stroke thrivers” use to find meaning and purpose after stroke and much, much more!

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