I was in an accident in 1996 I was derived down a dirt road at night a truck ahead of me had collapsed a cattle guard and I ran into the missing section of road. I have both expressive and receptive Aphasia as the result of a closed head injury unable to read write or understand speech within six years the Receptive Aphasia was much better I still have expressive trouble more so with writing . I credit my parents for seeking care for me from the Aphasia acc and craig hospital and the speech therapist s that I had in Colorado there is a Loy more of my story I would be happy to share if you contact me the most change came for me after a speech therapist show me that I had learned to read and write once and I could do it again if I quit feeling sorry for myself she did this with slides and photos of children that had acquired Aphasia , if I can help you do not hesitate to ask I continue to get better but it’s hard as all the financial resources have been ex sated never give up !!

God bless Larry