Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation for People with Aphasia Program


The six-session meditation program offers an introduction to the practice of mindfulness meditation for people with aphasia, their care partners and others in the aphasia community.


Mindfulness insight meditation is a practice of attention: to know clearly, simply what is happening as it is happening. Mindfulness is characterized by a stable, accepting and non-judgmental awareness.


In this program, each of the six sessions are offered in order with each session building on the next. For each session, there is an audio guided meditation and a written summary of highlights. In addition, there is a written summary of the program for mindfulness in daily life, and a list of outside resources.


These materials are intended to supplement the ongoing NAA meditation weekly program. These materials may be particularly useful to those who are new to the weekly program and did not participate in the live introductory program which is offered periodically.


Session 1 – Mindfulness of the breath.

Session 2 – Mindfulness of the body.

Session 3 – Mindfulness of emotions.

Session 4 – Mindfulness of thinking.

Session 5 – Compassion.

Session 6 – Gratitude.


The program is lead by Seth Brunner. Seth is a member of the Board of Directors of the NAA and a long-term meditator. Seth experiences aphasia as a result of a stroke more than 35 years ago. For questions or comments, please contact Seth at