This is another tip in our series of one-minute videos aimed at delivering quick ideas you can use to make your life a little easier if you have aphasia.


In this tip, we point out things you can do to make your next trip a little smoother.


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Before You Go on a Trip

Aphasia adds a few steps for travelers. Doing a little research before you leave the house can make your trip smoother.


For instance, if you’re driving, plot your route so you know where you’re stopping along the way. Travel can be exhausting, and tiredness affects communication. Be sure to schedule rest stops.


Contact hotel staff before you arrive to make check-in easier. Ask them to put a note with your reservation with communication tips for the staff at the front desk.


If you’re flying, the TSA has its own set of guidelines for people traveling with aphasia as well as a handy notification card. Print it out beforehand and give it to the TSA agent when you get in the security line.


The card also contains helpful phone numbers you can use before or during your trip to ask questions. We’ve included links to these resources.


Bon voyage!


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