This is another tip in our series of one-minute videos aimed at delivering quick ideas you can use to make your life a little easier if you have aphasia.


In this tip, we point out that everyone uses more than one form of communication, so get creative and layer in additional ways to get your point across.


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Use All the Tools

Even people without aphasia use more than one form of communication at any given time.

They speak but also gesture with their hands or use facial expressions to drive their point home.


Think about how much can be communicated when you throw your hands up in the air in frustration or raise one eyebrow, skeptically.


So always use more than just words to communicate. And think beyond your hands and face to other tools.


Carry a small whiteboard and draw pictures. Become a master charades player by practicing pantomime.


Write things down and read the words off the page. Or create sheets and point to keywords you need to convey to the listener.


Finally, communication apps can help you get your point across.


Now that you realize that no person uses only one form of communication at a time, feel comfortable using multiple ones, too.