A photograph of David Adams with his team of supporters around him.
David Adams with his family.

My name is David Adams, a native of New Orleans, LA. I am a husband to a loving and supportive wife and the father of two beautiful intelligent daughters. In 2005 at the age of 43, I was watching TV and all of a sudden I became confused and fell to the floor. My wife called 911, and I was rushed to the hospital.

Upon arriving to the Emergency Room, my wife was faced with a difficult decision. Due to the timing of the onset of my stroke and the small window of opportunity to receive a clot buster shot, the doctors referred to my wife for consent whether or not to proceed with the shot. The choice was difficult because the window for the clot buster shot was closing, and the doctors did not have time to determine what kind of stroke I was suffering from.

There are two different types of strokes, an ischemic stroke (a blockage) or a hemorrhagic stroke (excessive bleeding). If I received the shot and was suffering from an ischemic stroke, the shot would help the clot dissolve, and blood flow would return to my brain. If I was suffering from a hemorrhagic stroke, the shot would expedite the bleeding and make my situation much worse. It could have been fatal. Luckily my wife made the decision to give me the shot and later it was determined that I was suffering from an ischemic stroke. Therefore the shot helped me and blood flow resumed, saving more of my brain from further damage.

Later I was diagnosed with Broca’s Aphasia with Apraxia of Speech. Rehabilitation required many years of hard work and dedication. There were times when I wanted to give up, but my family and therapists provided me the support I needed to continue with recovery. Currently I still receive speech therapy services to work on my communication effectiveness, memory, and speech. I continue to make gains in my progress. It has been a long road and I still have difficulties, but my life has been rewarding.