Welcome back to our two-part post on how to set up a charity walk for Aphasia Awareness Month. Our first part was about choosing the site, obtaining the permits, setting up insurance, and starting communications.

This second part will address advertising, sponsors, and all the items you’ll need for your walk.

walk finish line

Image: Jayneandd via Flickr via Creative Commons license

Start Marketing

Start telling people about your walk. Create a flyer and place them in public spaces such as the library or a grocery store bulletin board. Ask support groups and SLP offices if you can leave a stack of flyers in each space.

Use the main social media accounts for your organization rather than setting up new accounts. It’s hard enough to build and maintain one account much less set up a Twitter handle or Facebook page that you’ll only use for a few months. Plus many of your participants will be other organization members.

Once you have a Facebook group, you can purchase a targeted Facebook ad that will hit only local users in your area. For a small amount of money, you can make sure that the only people who see your ad are the people who would likely support your event. If you’re more comfortable outside the social media world, place an ad in a local newspaper.

Get Sponsors

You’ll want to gather a few local sponsors to contribute items or funding in exchange for advertising at the event. Consider approaching local restaurants and ask if they have a fundraising program or would like to donate an item on your event wish list. Ask your employer to be a sponsor. Sometimes large companies have a sponsorship policy to support employees.

Sponsors not only help cover the costs incurred through the event; having sponsors also brings a community together.

Gather Items Big and Small

The items you’ll need range from port-o-potties to walkie talkies. You can break them down into a few categories:

Items for Walkers:

  • T-shirts
  • Race bibs
  • Swag (such as a water bottle with the event name on the side)
  • Prizes
  • Food
  • Water

Items for Volunteers:

  • Walkie talkies or a group texting app
  • First-aid kit

Items for the Site:

  • Bathrooms (or port-a-potties)
  • Sound system
  • Signs to mark important locations
  • Marker or ribbon for the end point

Do a mental walkthrough of the day and figure out what you need to bring in order to have all your bases covered.

Last Thoughts

We’d love to hear about your event and help you promote or celebrate it. Let us know about your walk at least three weeks before the date, and/or send some pictures and a brief write-up about your event after the fact. We’ll be cheering you on.

Image: Jayneandd via Flickr via Creative Commons license