This series highlights apps, software, and websites, as well as creative ways to use non-aphasia-specific tools.


We recently received a question from a caregiver looking for an app or communication tool that “returns groups of pictures that may be associated with a single word when entered into the iPhone or iPad App.” In other words, maybe you cannot remember the word “umbrella” because your brain is stuck on “rain.” The tool would allow the person to type “umbrella” and receive a list of pictures to jog the memory.


Of course, we already told you about OneLook that returns a list of words related to the first term. What about pictures?


The answer is Google Images.

How It Works

Open Google Images and type “rain.”


google image search


A search for “rain” immediately brings up images of rain, including many that include an umbrella. Seeing a picture of the umbrella may jog the person’s memory and bring up the word.


google image search


Of course, you can try Google Images with any term you are using to circumlocute around the word you are missing. Maybe you call coffee a “hot drink” because you cannot remember the word. Type “hot drink” into Google Images, and it produces a picture of a cup of coffee.


Try it out and see if an image search helps you find the word you are looking for.