We’re continuing with our affiliate highlight series, this time turning our eye to Just A.S.K. in Hope, Rhode Island.

Learn What Makes Just A.S.K. Unique

Just A.S.K. Aphasia Stroke Knowledge is a non-profit organization established in 2018. It was created by Denise Lowell, who had a stroke in 2015 and was frustrated by the lack of resources in her state of Rhode Island.


She doesn’t know if any other individuals with aphasia have created such a program.


In 2018 with the support of board members and family, they held the 1st annual Aphasia Conference. They were hoping to get 50 people in attendance, but to their surprise, there were over 100 individuals that attended. The conference has continued since then and is now held on Zoom every month in June.


Just A.S.K.’s mission is to provide support, education, and resource for individuals with aphasia, care partners, and stakeholders.

Here Are Some of the Services They Offer

The support group is held on Zoom every Monday night at 6 pm (ET). There are an average of 16-21 people every Monday night. They also have a care partner group once a month on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 pm (ET).


Just A.S.K. has a website that provides resources, education, and calendars of events. They give presentations to colleges, hospitals, and rehab units to help spread aphasia awareness.

They Have Great Success Stories

Amazed and happy to have held the 1st aphasia conference in R.I. and continue to do so.

Proud and pleased to say Just A.S.K. has never charged for anyone to attend the conference or groups. We work hard at having fund rasher and receiving donations.

The Pandemic Changed a Few Things…

Zoom has been a friend and has allowed us to expand from once a week to every Monday. This format enables people around the world to attend the conference and the groups.

They Specifically Offer

Support groups or counseling specifically for caregivers
Online discussion groups, support groups, events, or online one-on-one therapy

More Information

Do you live in the Hope, Rhode Island area? Contact the Just A.S.K. for speech services and support groups.


The NAA is highlighting our affiliates to connect people with aphasia and caregivers to their services and to celebrate the amazing work they’re doing.