We’re continuing with our affiliate highlight series, this time turning our eye to Santa Rosa Speech & Language Services in Santa Rosa, California.

What Makes Santa Rosa Speech & Language Services Unique?

We are a family-owned private practice with extensive experience of 50+ years. We are highly respected in the communities for assessments and 1:1 speech therapy for adult aphasics, and we are responsive to changes within the profession. In addition, we are the only provider with a group speech therapy option (see below under services).

Great Success Stories

We provided speech therapy for a 58-year-old male with a diagnosis of global aphasia. This diagnosis generally suggests a poor prognosis for recovery and indicates short-term intervention. Our data on the patient indicated that longer-term (3 years) and intensive (5x/week) is appropriate and necessary. This patient was able to produce 20 four-to-five-word phrases, grammatically and syntactically correct; use social language with increased frequency, use Melodic Intonation Therapy as a facilitator for difficult words and phrases, position articulators with no imitation clues, and repeat sounds. A surprise discovery was that this patient’s right hemisphere took over some language skills more readily than one might expect due to the patient’s documented learning disability since childhood.

They Love What They Do

Each adult aphasic is unique presenting new experiences and challenges. We learn from each patient. When we change lives, we are doing what we are trained to do and practice at the top of the profession.

Services and Support Groups

Our Standard of Care includes evidence-based assessments, detailed care plans and intensive speech therapy sessions. Therapy programs include use of technology, i.e., iPads and computer programs. All therapy is individualized for materials and tasks with measurable and functional outcomes in aphasia. We offer a weekly 90 minute group speech therapy for people with aphasia. The group has been in existence for 38 years, possibly the longest running speech therapy group in the United States. We are also affiliated with Sonoma County’s monthly support group which provides speakers and education material.

Special Services for Caregivers

Yes. We will soon be offering counselling and support for caregivers separately by a LMFT at the same time the speech therapy group meets. We also make counselling referral in the communities.

Last Thoughts

We are a full-service medically-based provide practice specializing in adults with aphasia, laryngectomy, and cognitive and memory difficulties. We have a birth-to-three program for early speech and language problems.

More Information

Do you live in the Santa Rosa, California? Contact the Santa Rosa Speech & Language Services at (707) 542-1010 for speech services and support groups.

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