2021 Annual Report

The National Aphasia Association had an incredibly busy 2021. What have we been doing? Here are some highlights from the annual report.

  • Provided resources to over 750,000 people
  • Read and answered 16,650 emails
  • Hosted 11 monthly aphasia chats for 630 people
  • Started a bi-monthly primary progressive aphasia chat for 355 families
  • Launched the new Ask the Expert webinar series
  • Led 5,058 participants for June’s Aphasia Awareness Month
  • Surveyed the aphasia community 9 times with our new Aphasia Snapshot series
  • Sent 24 newsletters to our 24,061 subscribers
  • Talked to our thousands of social media subscribers
  • And grew our board by 80%

We’ve prepared an annual report so you can see the NAA by the numbers. You can read it online either as a slideshow below or download a copy to read offline.

We’re not slowing down, and we hope you’ll be right there beside us for the next twelve months.