Stroke Diary Vol 3 Cover

About the Book

Practice is more than just practice. Practice is the prescription for improvement. People with aphasia must become more aware that practicing is the cure. The book sections include Words, Language, Awareness, Memory, Thinking, Timing, Neurons, and Plasticity. The brain requires a special kind of “food”—activities and experiences which induce plasticity. These stories were part of the process of engaging the environment to “light up” learning, on the way to getting my language back.

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About the Author

Thomas G. Broussard, Jr., Ph.D., founded Stroke Educator, Inc. in 2015. He is running a 50-state Aphasia Awareness Campaign, talking about stroke, aphasia, and recovery. Stroke Diary: A Primer for Aphasia Therapy (Vol I), Stroke Diary, The Secret of Aphasia Recovery (Vol II), and Stroke Diary, Just So Stories, How Aphasia Got Its Language Back (Vol III) completed three of the series. He was a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, naval officer, naval shipbuilder, and a business owner in career development and training. Please see his website at