Stroke Diary Vol 2 Cover

About the Book

The author’s stroke resulted in aphasia—the loss of language, neurological disabilities, and brain injury. Using new methods of therapy developed in part by the author, led to complete recovery. Rehabilitation included a diary, which he uses in this book to teach his processes and to show others the secrets of learning, relearning, and healing. The secret of recovery from aphasia isn’t a secret at all. Aphasia recovery is about the doing. The brain converts experience into plasticity—learning, by another name. The more practice, the more learning. Conventional speech therapy is a start. But recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. Enriched speech therapy provides the missing link. Exercise, evidence, feedback, and interaction equip you with the steps needed to go the distance.

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About the Author

Thomas G. Broussard, Jr., Ph.D., founded Stroke Educator, Inc. in 2015. He is running a 50-state Aphasia Awareness Campaign, talking about stroke, aphasia, and recovery. Stroke Diary: A Primer for Aphasia Therapy (Vol I), Stroke Diary, The Secret of Aphasia Recovery (Vol II), and Stroke Diary, Just So Stories, How Aphasia Got Its Language Back (Vol III) completed three of the series. He was a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, naval officer, naval shipbuilder, and a business owner in career development and training. Please see his website at