Angie Cauthorn is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others living with aphasia. Prior to 2 strokes in 2017, she was a finance professional for over 20 years. Today, She is the co- founder and President of the ARCH Network (Aphasia Resource Collaboration Hub), a “lighthouse” for people with aphasia that serves to increase awareness of and access to treatment research and other support services for people coping with this language disorder. ARCH aims to make it easier for people with aphasia to find the many aphasia-focused choirs, camps, cruises, and support groups that are available to them in their region. Its core mission is to lead as many stakeholders as possible to a place where they can be educated, informed, and effective in their efforts to aid and provide resources on all things related to aphasia.

Angie is co-host of the podcast Brain Friends and is in the process of launching a conference series called ROSA (Resource Orientation for Stroke and Aphasia). In addition, Angie is a co-leader and facilitator of the National Aphasia Association’s African American aphasia support group, a founding board member of National Aphasia Synergy, and an Aphasia Advocate Ambassador at Temple University’s Saffran Center for Cognitive Neuroscience.