Maura English Silverman, MS, CCC/SLP has always been passionate about helping others. Maura is a Speech Language Pathologist with 35 years of experience working along the continuum of care in the area of adult neurogenic communication disorders. Her passion for working with adults with aphasia, their families and the greater aphasia community brought her from the medical setting into that of an entrepreneur, starting the Triangle Aphasia Project, Unlimited (TAP), a nonprofit community based program based on the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA). In its 2 decades of service, TAP received international recognition for its hub and spoke model of service. Maura is a founding member of Aphasia Access and has served on nonprofit boards, as clinical mentor in the field of aphasia, active in international aphasia advocacy efforts and continues to publish and speak on aphasia programming, neuroplasticity and community engagement. Maura is proud to have been recognized with the American Stroke Association’s award, Triangle Business Journal’s Healthcare Hero award and Aphasia Access’ inaugural Innovator Award.


Despite the incredible opportunities that have been allotted to Maura throughout her career, she credits her lived experience as a carepartner for her mom as the source of her greatest lessons. Maura’s mother suffered a devastating stroke at the age of 69 and lived with expressive aphasia and verbal apraxia until her passing in 2020. Insight into the true impact of aphasia on an individual, their family, friendships, life interests and goals reignited her resolve to improve aphasia awareness and the quality of life for all aphasia journeys. Maura’s husband, 4 sons (and their significant others), and her dog, Joy, are her “Why” and in her spare time she enjoys serving the community through volunteer work and personal health and fitness. Maura is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve the NAA, an organization that has been a beacon of hope and direction in her personal and professional life!