Bill Glazer


“Bill Glazer, a stroke survivor with aphasia, made speech and language recovery his priority so he could return to his passion—his marketing business.

At the start of his recovery, he participated in speech and language therapy four days a week via telepractice, and slowly returned to work-related tasks by getting back into emailing and communicating with his past clients. As he continued to improve, he decided he wanted to help to improve the lives of other individuals with aphasia.

Bill made it his mission to use his own marketing business and the connections he had all over the world to help raise money. He hosted Information Summits and wrote and sold his own book (which he wrote after his stroke, another huge endeavor and accomplishment contributing to his recovery), and planned to donate the proceeds to an organization working with people who have aphasia. He chose to donate to the Veterans Health Foundation so that the proceeds he collects could benefit Pittsburgh’s PIRATE program (Program for Intensive Residential Aphasia Treatment and Education). The program is a 4-week long intensive aphasia program for veterans and active-duty members, where they are able to receive 4 to 5 hours of therapy a day. Bill’s contributions have allowed certain individuals to attend this program who otherwise would not have been able to afford to travel to Pittsburgh to participate in the program.

Bill has raised over $130,000 since he started raising funds in 2018, and his efforts to raise more money continue to be the focus of his ongoing hard work and dedication to his profession.”

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