One Aphasia Action is a set of small, actionable activities you can do from home that will help you retain speech progress.

Take out a pen and paper (or type on a device) and start making a list of comfort foods. Which foods do you like to eat when you’re feeling stressed? What is a favorite food from childhood or your biggest indulgence? List as many foods as you can, and see if you can get a little more detailed. For example, let’s say that you wrote “fruit” on your list. Can you list out a few types of fruit underneath it? Set a goal before you begin, and don’t stop until you’ve listed (or spoken if you want to do this activity with a friend or family member) that number of foods.

You can find all of the One Aphasia Action activities on this list. This works best if you start on Day 1 and work at your own pace, even if you’re finding this project long after it has started. Try every activity, even if you only do it once. Keep doing the activities you like, repeating them the next day along with the new activity, and drop the ones that don’t work for you.