Because every person with aphasia deserves to be seen, heard and understood.  I have dedicated my life’s work to offering hope, innovation, unparalleled support, and resources to the aphasia community. This commitment was deeply inspired by the sudden passing of my mentor, Bill Connors, a true pioneer in aphasia treatment and telepractice. At the time of his passing, there was a noticeable void in innovative treatment and support for chronic aphasia. Motivated by his legacy and with the steadfast backing of my family, I founded LIFE Speech Pathology in Austin, Texas. Our practice is unique because we extend our services nationwide through telepractice, ensuring that anyone in need can access our support, regardless of location.


Living well with aphasia encompasses far more than direct treatment alone. It’s about understanding, accommodating, and enhancing communication for those affected. My mission with LIFE Speech Pathology is to create a comprehensive one-stop shop that meets the multifaceted communication needs of individuals with aphasia and their families. This is more than a practice; it’s a community and a haven for those seeking to navigate the challenges of aphasia with dignity, support, and hope.

LIFE Speech Pathology



1600 Kemp Hills Drive -- Online Telepractice Only,
Austin Texas 78737

Phone: 5125534364

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