Stroke Comeback Center is a community of survivors of stroke and other brain trauma committed to living successful and productive lives. We are a non-profit organization that offers support along the slow road to better. Our members, our professionals, our volunteers, our coaches, and our families know that recovery continues forever. With centers in Vienna, Virginia, Rockville, Maryland, and our Virtual Stroke Comeback Center, we are the only center of this kind in the Washington, DC area.

Our Center:

  • Provides programs and classes for survivors with aphasia and other communication difficulties using a social approach
  • Focuses on all aspects of recovery: speech, reading, writing and comprehension, cognition and fitness
  • Uses interactive technologies tailored to each of our members
  • Continues to provide affordable fees through donor-funded scholarships
  • Has received national recognition for our accomplishments and innovation
  • Believes that all survivors deserve the respect and the support needed to live successfully and participate fully in life.


VA 22180

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