We’re continuing with our affiliate highlight series, this time turning our eye to Harry D Schneider, MD, PC in either Hicksville, New York or China Grove, North Carolina.

What Makes Harry D Schneider Unique?

Dr. Schneider works one-on-one with patients. Being a physician, linguist, and neuroscientist, he can assess and discuss many issues, not just language. All of our patients are dealing with multiple issues, and he can discuss these with patient and caretaker, as well as using tDCS for language rehabilitation.

Great Success Stories

Our greatest success story would be a gentleman that we met at a lecture. He is a very smart gentleman but was only able to get out two words and he was six years post-stroke. We started seeing him as a patient, and his language improved so much that at one point his wife was “complaining” that they were having a lot more arguments. Of course, this was because he could now talk and express himself much more.

They Love What They Do

We love the personal contact with the patients and watching how they transform as they start gaining more language, which makes them more confident and happier! We become a family.


Services and Support Groups

We offer tDCS therapy along with neurolinguistic therapy. We focus mostly on grammar.

Special Services for Caregivers

Not individually, but they almost always will attend the sessions, and it becomes a team effort!

More Information

We have offices in New York and North Carolina. Dr. Schneider is also a researcher, and he is getting ready to publish a journal article about tDCS and aphasia.

Do you live in either the Hicksville, New York or China Grove, North Carolina area? Contact the Harry D Schneider for speech services and support groups.

We’re spending 2018 highlighting our affiliates in order to make it easier for caregivers to find services for their loved ones.