Apple’s accessibility features may greatly benefit people with aphasia. While they usually announce new features at their big conference in June, they have already announced new features coming to Apple devices. Many of these features are also on Android devices.

What Are the New Features That Will Be on Devices Soon?


Mashable covered a few new features that are coming soon.


Assistive Access


This new feature simplifies apps to make it easier for people to use their mobile devices.


Live Speech


This is a very exciting tool for people with aphasia. Mashable explains, “Live Speech is another new feature which works on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, allowing users to type what they want to say and have it spoken out load during phone calls and FaceTime calls, as well as in-person conversations.”


Voice Control


Another exciting aphasia-friendly feature “adds phonetic suggestions for text editing, allowing users who type with their voice to more easily choose the right word out of several similar-sounding words.”


Siri Speed


You can slow down the speaking rate for the personal assistant, Siri. Siri can read anything on the screen back to you, do internet searches, or help you send a message or make a call.


Personal Voice


Finally, for people with PPA, a new feature allows a person to record their voice so they can use the recordings to speak for them in the future.

What Are Features That Are on Devices Now?

Explore Apple’s accessibility page to find additional features, but some that benefit the aphasia community:


Live Captions


You can have someone speak near your phone, and it will print their words on your device screen. This is an excellent tool if you like to hear and read simultaneously for better understanding.




When you cannot be together in the same room, host a video call so you can see a person while they speak and receive visual cues to aid communication.


Sensory Alerts


Set reminders and have your device gently vibrate to remind you to do something. You can also set up your device for your screen to flash when you have a reminder. You can set up recurring reminders for things you need to remember everyday or special one-time reminders.


Voice Control


You can control your device with your voice if you cannot use your hands.


Speak Screen


Have your device read everything on the screen to you. You can read along or use this to hear the words if you have trouble reading.


Explore the accessibility features on your device to make it more aphasia-friendly.