Younger people with aphasia (under 40 at the time of their stroke or brain injury) have come together to form S.A.Y. Younger Aphasia Group, led by Kitti. They have a YouTube channel, Facebook group, and Instagram page. Even if you are currently over 40, if your aphasia began when you were younger than 40, this is the group for you.


Kitti explains what S.A.Y. is all about:



The YouTube channel will feature interviews. Kitti states: “Through interviews with speech-language pathologists, occupational, physical therapists and other professionals, and brain injury/stroke professionals, we aim to create awareness about aphasia.”


She recently interviewed Darlene Williamson, president of the National Aphasia Association.



We hope you will subscribe to their pages and channels, and pass along this group information to people you know who have aphasia and are under 40.