When Sophie Salveson was 19-years-old, her life was filled with friends, family, musical theater, and travel. At 24, her life still orbits around loved ones and the stage, though with one notable difference: aphasia. A stroke at 19 changed the trajectory of Sophie’s life. The short movie Still Sophie highlights how this communication disorder affects her day-to-day world.

The National Aphasia Association is proud to be a sponsor of this amazing short film that has already won Best Documentary at the Red Dirt Film Festival. We hope that you will also fall in love with Sophie; with her honesty, her gorgeous singing voice, and her quick smile that contains her determination and grace. Her story stuck with me for days after watching the film, and we’re excited to get to show you the trailer.

Still Sophie

Still Sophie is starting to screen at film festivals, including this week’s Vail Film Festival. If you’re in Denver right now, they’re screening it in the Student Film Showcase block on Friday March 31st at 2pm, and again on Sunday April 2 at 3pm. Both screenings are at Cascade Theaters in Vail, CO.

If you’re not in Denver, follow the film’s Facebook page for more information about future screenings as well as the film’s website, which has several more screenings listed on the left sidebar.

still sophie, the movie

Sophie’s humour, intelligence, and frankness about aphasia will draw you in. The film proves that underneath the struggle to form words still exists the same person with the same desire to do what they love.

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