The National Aphasia Association reached 50. No, not 50 years old — the NAA was established in 1987 by Martha Taylor Sarno — but affiliates in all 50 states. We added our last two states this week, and we now have speech-language pathologists and/or support groups across the United States.

Affiliate Listings

Anyone who provides services to people with aphasia can be listed in our database. It is simple to sign up to be an NAA affiliate, and new affiliates are added daily. We only ask that people apply for affiliate status if they provide services either in the form of care, speech therapy, or support. Everyone else can access our materials without needing to apply for affiliate status.

If you notice that your provider is not on our list, encourage them to add their name. Many people use this feature to find services in their area, and you’ll be helping another person with aphasia connect with therapy or a support group.

Using the Database

Because we’re a national — not international — organization, our affiliates are all located within the US. If you live in one of the 50 states, you can search for services in your area by using our database. You can search by state name, ZIP code, or types of services. You can also access listings for telepractices that list themselves as providing services over the Internet.

All contact information is included in their listing, or reach out to specific affiliates if you have questions about their individual practice.

Thank you to all of our 912 affiliates for helping us make sure we have coverage in all 50 states. We’d love to hit 1000 providers by the end of 2019 — can you help us out and spread word about this useful feature?