Aphasia organizations and speech therapy practices put out helpful communication materials for people with aphasia to use throughout their day. From making it easier to order at restaurants easier to navigating medical appointments, these tips, tricks, and tools will help you communicate what you need to say.


We are highlighting some of these great tips, tricks, and tools.

Lingraphica Communication Tips Library

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What Lingraphica Says

We asked Lingraphica about their helpful resources.

What was the inspiration for these resources?


Lingraphica designed The Aphasia Community to be a safe place for people with aphasia, their support network, and the professionals who serve them to interact and engage with each other.


Connect: The Aphasia Community brings together individuals with aphasia and caregivers from across the globe. Whether you prefer video chats through Virtual Connection sessions, joining conversations through the forums, or finding in-person support groups or aphasia centers nearby, in the Aphasia Community, there’s something for everyone!


Learn: Read the latest news, take a free online aphasia course, or browse the Aphasia Library to learn more about aphasia, communication tips, and helpful resources to utilize throughout your communication journey.


Practice: Evidence shows that people with aphasia can continue to improve their communication abilities years after a diagnosis. Sometimes finding the right speech therapy app to motivate and facilitate learning and communication can be overwhelming. The Aphasia Community offers free communication and speech therapy apps for daily communication and speech practice.

How can people with aphasia best use these resources as a communication aid?


Aphasia caregivers often report that their single biggest challenge is communicating with their loved ones with aphasia. To help caregivers of people with aphasia, we’ve developed several articles designed to teach basic communication principles. These tips can help facilitate successful communication between individuals with aphasia and their caregivers and help prevent isolation.

Anything you’d like people to know about your organization?


Lingraphica helps people with speech and language impairments improve their communication, speech, and quality of life. It’s our mission to help people with aphasia lead more fulfilling lives. We offer a variety of resources for both individuals with aphasia and their caregivers, including communication devices, free communication and therapy apps, and dedicated online aphasia communities.