Aphasia organizations and speech therapy practices put out helpful communication materials for people with aphasia to use throughout their day. From making it easier to order at restaurants easier to navigating medical appointments, these tips, tricks, and tools will help you communicate what you need to say.


We are highlighting some of these great tips, tricks, and tools.

Tactus Therapy Downloads

Take a look at these downloads from Tactus Therapy.

What Tactus Therapy Says

We asked Tactus Therapy about their helpful downloadable tips.

What was the inspiration for these resources?


All the Tactus Therapy resources came out of a desire to provide clear and concise information to speech pathologists and families dealing with aphasia.

How can people with aphasia best use these downloads as a communication aid?


The best resource for families is probably our free handout entitled “50 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Loved One with Aphasia.” It’s a starting point for people who want to help but don’t know what to do. Even for families who have been dealing with aphasia for a while, there are usually a few new ideas in this list.

Anything you’d like people to know about your organization?


Tactus Therapy has developed speech therapy software focusing on aphasia rehabilitation for over 12 years. We are dedicated to providing solutions to people who need more practice outside therapy or who can’t get the therapy they need. We believe progress is always possible. Our apps are used worldwide in top rehab hospitals and clinics – the same apps available to people with aphasia to use at home. Our website and newsletter offer information, support, and inspiration for aphasia and other acquired disorders. Find the right apps for you using our App Finder.