Artificial intelligence (AI) may soon make it possible for your speech therapist to predict the best treatment to address your aphasia. Constant Therapy is partnering with doctors, researchers, and data scientists to use their database of “230 million speech and cognitive therapy exercises completed by 100,000+ de-identified patients to conduct real-world, evidence-based studies.”


In other words, by analyzing the treatment and results of over 100,000 patients, researchers can see patterns and use that knowledge to design a personalized program that best addresses each individual’s aphasia.


Lead researcher Swathi Kiran, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, a founding scientist at Constant Therapy and NAA board member spoke to us a little bit about the project. She explains,

Constant Therapy has collected a very large data set of therapy usage in the app. They have shared this data with Boston University and UT-Austin computer scientists to build AI models that can understand how patients practice therapy. I am involved in helping the computer scientists at UT-Austin develop their computer models.

It is still early, but she told us that “computer scientists at UT Austin are using sophisticated AI models to predict individual profiles of recovery as people improve by practicing more therapy over time.”


Therapists in the future may be able to predict the recovery sequence for each person and choose the best path forward for the individual to get desired results faster.


Dr. Kiran is excited to see where this research will take us.

In 2023, we have seen an influx of AI approaches to predict everything from what shoe to buy next and what our brains are thinking. I am extremely happy for us to be using AI for healthcare and rehabilitation, to use the vast amounts of data collected by Constant Therapy to predict who will improve with therapy and how much therapy makes a difference.

It is exciting to think about the knowledge researchers can gain by analyzing enormous amounts of data to make great strides in aphasia treatment.


Disclosure: Dr. Kiran is a co-founder of Constant Therapy Health