Once upon a time, we pulled together a resource for favourite word games used to reinforce speech therapy work or keep the mind active during the early stages of primary progressive aphasia. So many other word games have become popular since we wrote that post, so we’re updating it with even more game ideas to help treat aphasia. These were suggested by other National Aphasia Association members on our Facebook wall.

Board Games

Plenty of word-related board games made the list:

Apps and Online Games

Apps were popular, and a quick search shows plenty of crossword puzzle and word find apps. Additionally, people liked:

Other Games

Some non-word-related games, such as Rummikub, made the list because the games generate a lot of talking while you play.

Playing along with Jeopardy on television (can you guess the answer before the contestants?) or playing the board game version worked, too.

Mad Libs, word searches, and crossword puzzles rounded out the list.

What are your favourite games for finding words and keeping you talking?

Image: Amanda Jones via Unsplash