Picture This

Aphasia is often an invisible condition. Help us show people aphasia by contributing images that show how aphasia impacts your day-to-day world.



The Polished Professional Advance Toastmasters (PPAT) club took a photo at the 2018 “Ugliest Sweater” Holiday Meeting.

Caryn McAllister DPT

Dr. Caryn McAllister



Kitti and Regina


Using audio and visual to read book.

Show Us Aphasia

Want to submit an image to Picture This? Show us your support group (if you have permission) or speech therapy session. Take pictures as you navigate grocery shopping with an assistive device or use communication tools while conversing with friends and family. While we’d like to see you, if you’re feeling shy, you can snap a picture of any tools you use to communicate.

Please fill out the form to submit an image. Depending on the number of images we receive, we may not be able to use all images.

You can also send images directly to Melissa at melissa@aphasia.org. Please put “Picture This” in the subject line.

If you don’t want to submit a picture, you can still participate by sharing these visual representations of aphasia to spread aphasia awareness. Remember to use the #PictureAphasia hashtag when you post on social media.

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