How to create your listing

Watch this quick 4 minute overview on creating your provider listing once you’ve created your account.




Step by step instructions

Step 1: After clicking ‘Add a new provider listing’ or ‘edit your listings’, click on ‘providers’ and ‘all providers’ on the lefthand side if you have an existing provider listing, or ‘add new post’ if you are adding a provider listing.



Step 2: If you had selected to add a new site you will be taken directly to a site-editor where you can enter a title and information for your new site (see steps 3-5 for important tips).



If you are looking to edit an existing site, click ‘all providers’. In the next screen, click on the link above the listings that says ‘mine’ to filter to your provider listings. Click ‘edit’ on the listing you want to edit.



Step 3: In the main text box, add any information you’d like to include about your service or group.



Step 4: Below this text box, where it says ‘provider detail content’, add all your contact information in the ‘contact information’ setting.


Step 5: IMPORTANT: In order to show your listing in the database, you must add your service location into the address bar in the ‘directory filtering’ section of the ‘provider detail content’ box.



Step 6: It is also very important that you select a category for your site so that you can be located when people are searching for a specific type of service e.g. aphasia center or support group. Here is where you make that selection (the panel below will be on your right-hand side). Note: If your practice or group offers any sort of online service, you can indicate this here:


Step 7: If you’d like to include an image with your listing, upload an image where it says ‘set featured image’ under the provider categories section.


Step 8: Once you have made the desired changes to your listing, you can preview the changes or publish/update them directly (The panel below will be on your right-hand side):



Thank you and please contact if you have any questions.