You're the Star

If you did One Aphasia Action last year (and it’s not too late to do those activities now!), you know that we love bite-sized, actionable ideas you can do from home. We wanted to keep the progress going again through Aphasia Awareness Month.

Each week, we’re giving you a fun, visually-based activity designed by a speech-language pathologist that you can do from home.

Try out this week’s activity, and if you like it, share it with others by sending a link to this post while using our #PictureAphasia hashtag.

You’re the Star

This speech activity can be done with a friend or family member or alone.

Watch a short video. We’ve listed a bunch of choices below. If Mr. Bean isn’t your cup of tea, there’s a final video called Snack Attack. All of the videos are wordless, which means that YOU are going to find the words for them.

There are many possibilities, depending upon your communication level:

1. Watch and point at the screen when something important happens. Try to imitate some of the facial expressions, and if you can, say a word for the feeling.

2. Watch and try to fill in some words as the video plays. This might require watching the video more than once. You could say words that the character might be saying if there was a script, or you might describe the scene or communicate your reaction to what is happening.

3. Try to summarize the video. Tell someone about it by saying what happened first, then next, then last.

4. Describe the whole sequence of the video by writing it out in sentences.

5. Watch the video with someone else and talk about it afterward. For example: “This was so funny. Mr. Bean cracks me up. How did you like it?” or “Mr. Bean is not my favorite. Too silly for me.” Talk about how much can be communicated without words. Or what you would make a short video about.

Mr. Bean Videos

Snack Attack Video