Aphasia Awareness Month 2022

Aphasia can be isolating. Yet no one needs to go through aphasia alone. For 35 years, the National Aphasia Association has been bringing together people with aphasia, caregivers, and professionals who work with people who have aphasia. We provide so many ways to connect with others, which is why our theme for Aphasia Awareness Month is #AphasiaTogether.

Each week contains five ways you can help people understand aphasia and connect with others who have aphasia:

1. Lend your point-of-view to our ongoing project: UnderstandTogether

2. Read our quirky lists and learn new word-finding tips or ways to spread aphasia awareness: MoreTogether

3. Take a fun quiz to discover new ways to connect to the world and other people with aphasia, and then join us for an online chat at the end of Aphasia Awareness Month: DoTogether

4. Donate $35 for our 35th anniversary, or set up your own fundraising page for Aphasia Awareness Month: GiveTogether

5. Participate in daily speech practice activities — 35 of them to celebrate our 35th anniversary: BetterTogether

And, as always, spread awareness by posting our message for Aphasia Awareness Month.

Ready to connect with #AphasiaTogether?

Hear Community Points of View

1. UnderstandTogether

Our long-running Aphasia Threads series was the inspiration for this simple project bringing together people with aphasia, caregivers, and professionals around a question: Why are you a part of the aphasia community, and what do you get out of connecting with others through the NAA?

Each post weaves together all three viewpoints with a bonus contribution from board members for Aphasia Awareness Month. Celebrate our community and share your own answer to take part in this ongoing series.

See the UnderstandTogether Posts.


weekly lists to help you understand aphasia

2. MoreTogether

In honour of our 35th anniversary, we’ve pulled together lists of 35 ideas to get you speaking, thinking, or taking action to spread aphasia awareness. Get inspired and come together to make the world a more aphasia-friendly space.

See the MoreTogether Lists.


a fun quiz that will get you thinking about your interests and connect with other people with aphasia

3. DoTogether

At our last monthly Aphasia Cafe chat, we connected over our shared interests. From dog agility training to photography to reading to LEGO structures — the way you spend your time is not only an enjoyable part of your week. It’s also a chance to connect with other like-minded people.

We pulled together a just-for-fun quiz to help you find a new hobby, and the quiz doubles as our signup for our June 29, 2022 chat where we’ll be connecting in smaller groups to talk about your interests and find online communication partners to practice speech with throughout the year.

Take the quiz and/or sign up for our June 29, 2022 online chat.


donate or fundraise for aphasia awareness month

4. GiveTogether

For 35 years, the National Aphasia Association has been bringing together people with aphasia, caregivers, and professionals who work with people who have aphasia. To help us continue this work of providing resources as well as so many ways to connect with others, we’re asking you to make a $35 donation. Yes, just $35 to celebrate our 35th anniversary can make a big difference in establishing new initiatives, providing answers, and connecting people with aphasia to vital research.

This year, we have also made it simple to start your own fundraising page. Share the link on social media, with family and friends, or at your office. We will be celebrating your fundraising efforts throughout the month.

Give today or start a fundraising page.


daily speech activities you can do together or alone

5. BetterTogether

Our weekly speech activities were so popular that we brought them back to help you strengthen your communication skills. These activities can be done together or alone, in-person or online. In other words, there is something here for everyone, so try these 35 activities for Aphasia Awareness Month to celebrate the NAA’s 35th anniversary.

See the BetterTogether Activities.


Please help us spread our message on social media by using the hashtag #AphasiaTogether. Click the images above to reshare our post OR cut-and-paste this message on your favorite social media platform:

June is #AphasiaAwareness Month. Aphasia can be isolating, but no one needs to navigate it alone. Join #AphasiaTogether and connect with the community: https://bit.ly/aphasiatogether

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