2023's Aphasia Awareness Month in June

What if everyone practiced aphasia-friendly communication? They slowed down the pace. They waited patiently for the other person to speak. They used multiple forms of communication, such as writing and speaking, to get their point across.

We want to live in that world, and we believe we can teach people aphasia-friendly communication if we work together. It starts with a simple video:

You can download a copy of the script, too.

Help Us Make the World an Aphasia-Friendly Place

We have a single goal for Aphasia Awareness Month 2023, and we need your help to reach it. We want 20,230 people in 2023 to see our communication tips video outlining seven simple aphasia-friendly communication tips.

Please share it with your friends and family, and then take it to your community. Conversations will become aphasia-friendly when cashiers, bus drivers, hotel staff, first responders, teachers, or doctors learn these tips and put them into practice.

Please send a link to the video (here it is: https://bit.ly/aphasiacommunication) in an email and ask those people to share it on their social media feeds, at their office, or in a community newsletter. Little by little, working together, we can get this advice out there and make the world an aphasia-friendly place.

Take it to Social Media

We’ve made it easy to share our 2023 Aphasia Awareness Month message.

1. Use the toolkit for a high-res version of our social share image. You can always link to this landing page (https://bit.ly/talkaboutaphasia2023)

2. Click to get to our Facebook post or Twitter post and hit the reshare button

3. Send an email to friends, family, or coworkers, and ask them to watch the video (https://bit.ly/aphasiacommunication) and reshare this landing page (https://bit.ly/talkaboutaphasia2023)

Set Up a Fundraiser

For 36 years, the National Aphasia Association has been bringing together people with aphasia, caregivers, and professionals working with people with aphasia. Please donate to help us continue providing resources and ways to connect with others. Every dollar helps in establishing new initiatives, providing answers, and connecting people with aphasia to vital research.

This year, we have also made it simple to start your own fundraising page. Share the link on social media, with family and friends, or at your office. Learn how to set up your own fundraiser.

More for Aphasia Awareness Month

We are sharing communication tools and resources from other aphasia organizations in June. Check back every week to learn about a new tool.

1. May 30: Aphasia Recovery Connection: Talk Tools
2. June 1: Tactus Therapy: Downloads
3. June 15: Innovative Speech Therapy: Communication Boards
4. June 22: Lingraphica: Communication Tips Library
5. June 29: Aphasia Institute: ParticiPics

We are also sharing communication tip suggestions from people with aphasia. Learn how other people with aphasia make their conversations aphasia-friendly.

1. June 13: Advice from People with Aphasia (Communication Tips)
2. June 20: More Advice from People with Aphasia (Communication Tips)
3. June 27: Final Advice from People with Aphasia (Communication Tips)

Extra Newsletters

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