Welcome to our new video chat series!

Are you looking for better ways to connect and converse with others in an aphasia-friendly space? A place where you can share your stories or ask questions? At the NAA we know this is not always easy to do.

That’s why we are starting Aphasia Cafe – a series of video chats for persons with aphasia, caregivers and professionals.

The chats will happen with the help of an online tool called Zoom. You can find out all about how to sign up, download and connect with Zoom at the end of this page. Don’t forget to also check out our tips on what makes a chat aphasia friendly!

Each video chat will have a topic. We will send a few questions ahead of time to get us started and so that you can write some notes to help you answer the questions, ask questions, or participate in the discussions.

The atmosphere is casual, relaxed and most importantly – aphasia friendly!

So grab a cup of coffee, a pot of tea or your favorite drink and come join us from the comfort of your own living room.

Upcoming and past Aphasia Cafe sessions

Check out past session information and sign up for upcoming aphasia cafes HERE.


How to connect with Zoom

Check out our step-by-step guide how to download Zoom and connect to Aphasia Cafe HERE


What makes a chat aphasia friendly?

1. We want to make everyone feel among friends. So we will all be patient and allow plenty of time for everyone to finish their thoughts. And we will be sure not to interrupt.

2. We will all be able to see each other,  so remember that you can react with your face and your hands and we will know that you agree…..or disagree.

3. And we can all hear you too, so it is best to turn off your microphone until you are speaking. Also remember to turn off any background noise such as TV, radio and music.

When you are speaking:

1. Remember this is a casual meet-up, so take your time and don’t worry about getting frustrated.

2. Be sure to have pictures, paper, pencil, or whatever you use to help you communicate.

3. Try to set your device on a table instead of holding it in your hand. We will see you better! Also many people find that using earbuds or headphones helps them hear and understand better.


For any questions, please email us at answers@aphasia.org