Online Events

The NAA offers many types of virtual programs for our aphasia community.

There are groups for support and connection, educational and training opportunities, special guest presentations and so much more.

Below is a snapshot of some of the virtual groups offered. Note that some groups are held once a month. Others are held more often. Please see our weekly calendar for days/times and to learn more about our groups.

Event Series Game Show

Game Show

The National Aphasia Association and Liberty Speech Associates presents Game Show, an online games group that meets monthly.   This group will bring popular TV game shows to life in an aphasia-friendly way. We will play games like Jeopardy, Family Feud and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. We will meet once per month on Fridays … Continued

The Impact of Stress and Emotion on Speech and Swallow

The National Aphasia Association and Open Lines Speech and Communication PC presents a new online group: The Impact of Stress and Emotion on Speech and Swallow. This group offers specialized support for people with aphasia who experience increased difficulty with thinking, processing, speaking, and/or swallowing when under stress or when feeling anxious, frustrated, depressed, apathetic, or other mental/emotional … Continued

Black American Aphasia Conversation Group

The Black American Aphasia Conversation Group is a place for Black people with aphasia to share their stories, provide support, encourage meditative reflection, and brainstorm ways to advocate for relevant policies. This diverse, inclusive, aphasia-friendly group will discuss the unique challenges and gifts we share due to our experiences with disability and race, and is … Continued

Event Series Ask the Expert Webinars

Ask the Expert

What: “Ask the Expert”, a free, interactive webinar hosted by the National Aphasia Association. Who: Our experts for August are Dr. Jamie Azios and Dr. Brent Archer. They will be talking about friendship and aphasia. When: Thursday August 8 from 7-8pm Eastern Time. How: Click the Zoom link at 7pm Eastern Time to join the webinar Submit … Continued

Event Series Aphasia and Wellness

Aphasia and Wellness Conversation Group

Join us for conversation about cultivating wellness in your daily life. Whether it’s through a yoga or mindfulness practice, social connections, physical fitness, healthy nutrition, listening to good music or podcasts, or even just treating yourself to a fancy skincare product, how do you promote wellness and self-care? All are invited to share ideas and … Continued

Event Series Parenting With Aphasia

Parenting With Aphasia

Parenting is no easy feat, but can be particularly challenging when one parent has aphasia. Parenting with Aphasia meets virtually once a month, inviting parents with kids of all ages to join together in a safe, non-judgmental space to share experiences, receive positive peer support, and learn more about how other parents are navigating the highs and lows of modern-day parenting when aphasia is along for the ride. This group is … Continued