Angie Cauthorn is a two-time stroke survivor and aphasia advocate. Dr. D. Seles Gadson is a neuroscientist and speech-language pathologist. Together, they’re Brain Friends, a podcast for “neuro nerds and stroke survivors to talk about all things aphasia, language recovery, and community.” You can listen to the episodes online or download them from all popular podcast apps.


Angie had two strokes in 2017, which caused her aphasia. She was a finance manager before the stroke but was unable to do her job afterward. Instead, she has become an aphasia advocate. Dr. D. Seles is a clinical speech-language pathologist. She was doing research but wanted to connect with more people who have aphasia. Together, they present a 360-degree view of aphasia.


Angie sums it up perfectly: “She’s the scientist, but I’m the expert. The stroke tried to steal my gift of gab. I’m 75-85% back. Many survivors aren’t as lucky. I’ve dedicated my life’s work to get the word out about aphasia.”


The podcast began in June as a way to connect and give back to the community. The two met on a call for Black people with aphasia or who work with people who have aphasia.

The introductory episode introduces the two women, defines aphasia, and explains how they started the podcast.


Other podcast episode topics range from aphasia and vacations where “Angie shares fluency and relaxation tips important for airport travel and social communication with friends and family” to social isolation where “Dr. Seles breaks down the components of social functioning related to social support, social network, social participation, and social roles.”


We hope you’ll listen, learn, and connect with these two amazing women.