Talk the Picture

If you did One Aphasia Action last year (and it’s not too late to do those activities now!), you know that we love bite-sized, actionable ideas you can do from home. We wanted to keep the progress going again through Aphasia Awareness Month.

Each week, we’re giving you a fun, visually-based activity designed by a speech-language pathologist that you can do from home.

Try out this week’s activity, and if you like it, share it with others by sending a link to this post while using our #PictureAphasia hashtag.

Talk the Picture

Grab a partner. They don’t need to live in your home because you can do this activity over video. If you are in the same home, sit with a barrier between you (such as book standing upright on its side) so you can’t see the other person.

The first person draws a picture and colors it in. You don’t need to be a fantastic artist! Just make a lot of shapes in different colors.

talk the picture

The first person now has to describe the picture to the second person. No peeking! And the second person has to try to copy the image by the description. How much detail can you give the person?

For example: Blue circle in the top, left corner. The size of a quarter. Peach triangle under the blue circle, about the same size. Red heart to the right of the triangle.

How much do your images match? Once you got a chance to give information, switch positions and become the person receiving information.

This is a popular speech activity, and you can do it with anything—drawing, arranging two sets of playing cards (if you don’t like to draw), or placing objects in a certain order on a tray. The possibilities are endless!