2023's Aphasia Awareness Month in June

For 36 years, the National Aphasia Association has been bringing together people with aphasia, caregivers, and professionals working with people with aphasia. Please donate to help us continue providing resources and ways to connect with others. Every dollar helps in establishing new initiatives, providing answers, and connecting people with aphasia to vital research.

This year, we have also made it simple to start your own fundraising page. Share the link on social media, with family and friends, or at your office.


To start your fundraiser:


1. Click over to the fundraising set up page. You can also see everyone else’s fundraiser.

2. Scroll down to the Start Your Fundraiser section and click the green button.

3. Follow the steps to name your fundraiser, set an amount, and upload a picture. If you do not have a picture, feel free to grab the Aphasia Awareness Month 2023 icon. (Right-click the image in that link to save it to your computer.)

4. Click the green Create Fundraiser button. This will generate your fundraising page.

5. On your page, click the Share button (next to the green Donate Now button) to get the URL for your page.

6. Share the URL with friends, family, and coworkers. Send it out via email or share it on social media.

We will be celebrating your fundraising efforts throughout the month.

You can also make a donation to someone else’s fundraising page.

Set up your fundraising page today.